Artwork Specs

Time Lines

Please send the files 2-3 weeks prior to your show date, if that is not possible, please contact our office so that we know when we can expect the files so that we can notify the printers of the quick turnaround needed.

File Formats

High Resolution Adobe Acrobat File (.pdf)


High Resolution .tif or .jpg. All images should be 150 dpi at actual size.


All fonts must be set to OUTLINE.


If a specific colour is required please provide the pantone code.


Please create a bleed of 1/4 ̋ (6.35mm).

File Size

If the artwork file is too large, we can accept artwork at 50% of the full size, provided that the text are set to outline/ vector based and the images are of a high resolution

Files Should include

• Coloured proof of each job (printed or .pdf)

• All supplementary graphics used in the project (Ie. linked files)

Files Names

For Events: BoothNumber_EventName_CompanyName_Style of Stand_Side A or B(if aplicable).pdf

Non-Events: Side A or B (if applicable) _Company Name_Style of Stand_Finished Print Size_Qty Required.pdf

File Transfer

Please use the Upload Artwork tab on this website to send any files too large for e-mail and forward them to

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